Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas is coming...

We had a most marvellous day on Saturday, starting with a big breakfast at the Kelsey house. Two families crammed into one small kitchen, eating pancakes and bacon and hashbrowns, and laughing away together... What could be better? After breakfast, Kelly and I took the kids to Rona (our local DIY store) for a reindeer-making workshop. Lots of fun, as you can see from the photos! Tomorrow we're getting together to paint Santa's team- will be sure to spread out lots and lots of newspaper! After the reindeer workshop we were off to Sidney for the Santa parade. Dylan was v. apprehensive and kept insisting we go home before the parade had even started. He was awfully worried about the clown train (see my post entitled "The Nightmare Before Christmas" for details!) but we kept assuring him that he would not have to see "them funny faces" and kept a watchful eye out. When I spotted the frightful engine coming up the street, Katie whisked him behind a map of Sidney for the duration of its progress up the avenue! Once it was gone, Dylan was worry-free and had a great time watching the firetrucks, sleighs, snowploughs, and assorted Christmas characters make their way by. He was especially excited to see Santa and now spends his days talking about when Santa comes.

On Sunday Alan risked life and limb to climb up on the frosty roof and hang our Christmas lights. The result is magical! Our new favourite activity is strolling the neighbourhood after dark, checking out the fantastic light displays. I'll be sure to take lots of photos, so come back soon for an update.


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