Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August Update

Well, this is it. August is coming to an end and summer is almost over. With the cooler mornings and the school supplies lining the shelves in all the shops, I find myself wishing (once in a while) that I were at work, getting ready for all the back-to-school madness, setting up my lovely library. However, I know that I couldn't bear to leave my baby behind just yet, even if just for a few days a week. That's not to say I wouldn't love an evening out with the girls (boy, would I ever!), but that the reality of going back to work part-time wouldn't suit me just now. I am determined to make the most of the next 9 months, as this will likely be my last chance to have days "off" in months other than July and August!

Today is Sawyer's 2-month birthday. Wow! How did that happen? He has started smiling (he's got a dimple!) and has even done a few little laughs for us. Makes all the sleepless nights worthwhile! (but please God, let him start sleeping through the night soooooon!!!) He is developing a real personality and it is such fun to watch him coo and grin as he realizes that it's him making that toy move. Dylan loves holding his hand and chats to him all the time. He mimics me, saying things like "It's okay, your big brother is here" and "Oh! You're waking up now, Baby Sawyer!" So cute. He is competing less for attention as we all settle into a routine, and though he is definitely a typical two-year-old, he is much easier to deal with these days than he was when Sawyer first came home.

A few exciting changes on Haslam Avenue in the past week or two... we have traded in our little Cavalier for a full-fledged mummy mini-van! It is so much easier to get the boys in and out of, has a cd player for listening to Raffi and lots of room for groceries, monstrous strollers, etc. Very exciting! Dylan loves riding in it- he can see so much more from his higher vantage point. Cement mixers and excavators fill our conversation as we drive past the numerous building sites of Langford (up and coming Victoria neighbourhood!) Another exciting change is that we have a beautiful green lawn at the side and back of the house, and a nearly completed new driveway (to park the aforementioned mini-van in!) Alan has been working like a dog and it shows. We get lots of praise from the neighbours whenever they walk by.

All my boys are asleep. Can you believe it? Dylan, Sawyer and Alan are all snoozing away. I should be too, but am enjoying this opportunity for a little bit of time to myself to drink a cold drink, nibble a cookie (back to the gym in September!) and soak up the silence!


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  1. Thank you for the update, the garden looks so good, and the boys are getting more handsome by the day (just like their parents)


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