Saturday, June 02, 2007

How does our garden grow?

In leaps and bounds! With each passing day, progress is made, thanks to Alan and his faithful sidekick, Dylan... Check out these snaps of our new flower bed, herb garden and ever-improving back yard. Aren't the rock walls great? Alan built them using rocks he's dug up from the soil. Our neighbour, Ed, calls them Langford potatoes!

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  1. Erin I don't often get the chance to get on to your page these days as things are not too good nowadays. I've just put these few words here to show that I do see your page occasionally and I have taken a copy of your very 'trim' figure to show to Gran. Looks like "June will be rushing out all over". I'm sure you'll feel much better then. I will send you an Email withmore news about Gran but I should think that Yvonne has told you quite a lot anyway.
    Lots of Love from both of us to all of you, and that includes your Mum and Dad
    Gran and Granddad


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