Tuesday, June 05, 2007

First day of mat leave, officially...

I don't work Mondays. So today, Tuesday, was my first actual day of maternity leave. It was weird to be home and not heading out the door first thing in the morning, but I forgot about school pretty quickly. I was too busy! So much to do around here, and so little time left! I did laundry and dishes, organized the spare bedroom, recycled, boxed up stuff (for a friend's fundraising garage sale), and even managed to do a bit of sewing with my friend Kelly's help. Am making a baby sling (not actually for me... go figure!)- check out the photos if you don't believe me! Dylan had a great time playing with Russell, Tayler and "Big" Dylan while Kel and I tried to get something done. Always a challenge! Lots more to do tomorrow...


  1. So much done on your first day off, your suppose to relax girl, take it easy and pamper yourself. It is not time to turn into a fulltime housekeeper/sewer/entertainer!!!!

    You look great anyway and hope you are making a sling for yourself, I hear they are great.

    Keep more pics coming, as there soon will be no more pg pics, but even more wonderful, Mum and Babe pictures. (I don't think a woman could be more beautiful than when she is pregnant!)

  2. Hi Erin!

    You look great! I love all your photos and updates and I want you to know that I love checking out your blog - definitely the highlight of my dreary day at work!

    Take it easy and enjoy your time off before baby #2! Hi to Alan & Dylan :)


  3. Hi Erin......it was good running into you the other day.....Love the blog too! You do such a wonderful job with it...updating so often wished I could go that....
    Keep up the good work and maybe see the newest arrival pics soon


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