Wednesday, May 23, 2007


We had a marvellous time at the parade on Monday. The sun came back out and we found everyone we were meant to meet up with, so it turned out perfect. It was so much fun! Dylan sat, quite happily, for 3 hours in his stroller and watched it all go by. The highlights for him were:
- the firetrucks ("Dylan see LOTS!")
- the police motorcycles
- Chinese dragon dancers (this morning he dragged his bluey-green pj top around behind him on the floor, and said, "Dylan got a big dragon! Dylan pull him!" It was sooo cute)
- the Shriners' clown train (just like we used to see at Grandpa's picnic every summer)

Just have one photo for now (Dylan and I and the Waring clan waiting for the parade to start), but Greta is going to send me more... so watch this space!

It's the LOST season finale tonight. I'm torn. Am I excited? Am I despondent? Can't wait to see it, but then it'll be over and I'll have to wait months and months to find out what happens... Oh cruel world!



  1. You are amazing at keeping up to date ! I love reading about Dylan and all his adventures!
    See you soon Kel

  2. I agree with Kel - you are so good at including us in your world. What a very exciting day for Dylan, looking forward to the photos. Jan


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