Saturday, May 19, 2007

Long weekend ramble

It's Saturday morning, and the first day of the long weekend. Alan has just left for the cabin at Cowichan Lake with Dad and Dave, and I'm wondering how to keep Dylan occupied and happy 24 hours a day until Monday afternoon... It's supposed to rain but so far the sun is still shining. It poured overnight, so maybe it's done for the time being. Let's hope so. I'm thinking we'll make a few trips out over the next few days, to the park, for a few walks, to Old Navy Maternity (all my shirts are stretched to the limit over this big bump of mine, and I feel the need for a summer clothing pick-me-up... after all, I still have 5 weeks to go!) and, of course, to the fabulous, super-loooong Victoria Day Parade on Monday morning. When I was a kid, I had no idea the holiday had anything to do with Queen Victoria. I thought it was a special holiday just for us here in the capital city of BC! I remember being quite impressed when I finally clued in that it's celebrated all across Canada. Still, I do think we probably have the best parade, being her namesake. I'm sure Dylan will love the marching bands, the floats, the firetrucks and police cars... Lots of noise and colour. How can you go wrong? We're hoping to meet up with a few friends (and maybe Dylan's new cousin Jaden from the Phillipines), so it should be lots of fun. I imagine Gramma will want to join in, too. I must remind her to bring her camera (Alan took ours to the lake... zut! didn't he know I'd need it to get some festive, blog-worthy snaps?) Maybe we'll get lattes at Starbucks on the way into town Monday morning (you have to get there bright and early to get a good spot) and if I have time tomorrow, Dylan can help me make some muffins just for the occasion.

Well, my little boy has stopped chatting to himself (I love listening to him on the baby monitor) so I guess he's fallen asleep. I'm off to deal with the never-ending laundry pile (uggh, how much more will there be when the 4th Pugh arrives?!) and to get myself a bite to eat. Maybe then I'll have time to pick up a book for a bit. I'm thinking I should brush up on my "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer" skills... Before you know it, the wee one will be here. I still can't quite wrap my head around that!

Happy weekend,

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