Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fun with books

The children's librarian in me just couldn't resist these recent photo opportunities!

Dylan has many favourite books, including the fantastic Apple Tree Farmyard Tales (thanks again to Nanny for getting us started on this series), and The Best Mouse Cookie. Twice this week we've read a book and done a fun activity to tie in with it. I think we're onto something here!

Yesterday we made chocolate chip cookies "like Mouse in Best Mouse Cookie! same!" and today, Alan and Dylan constructed a scarecrow for our garden, just like Mr. Straw in "Scarecrow's Secret." Poppy and Sam have nothing on Dylan... This scarecrow, who's been named Mr. Ted (after Apple Tree Farm's handyman and tractor-driver extraordinaire!), is sure to scare away all the greedy crows. Never mind we've got no veggies planted just yet... They'll be in the ground soon and he'll be working hard to protect them.

Almost the weekend now. Saturday night is Girls' Night Out! I'm going to Pag's for dinner with Jess and then we're off to the Jann Arden concert. Can't wait!

Time for Grey's Anatomy and a cup of strong, English (thanks Jan!) decaf tea.


  1. I know it is the book connection we are suppose to be checking out, and the teacher in me does appreciate it, but, WOW!, look at that belly! My dear, again, you look FAB!

  2. Oh, yes, and Mac, too, loves the Apple Tree Farm books, although our favourite is 'Animal Hide-and-Seek'!

  3. I LOVE the scarecrow! He looks smarter than the one in the book and I'm sure he'll startle the crows.


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