Sunday, May 03, 2015

Sunday night

It was a good weekend. Busy, sunny and fun. Here are my top 3 (okay, maybe a few more than three) moments from the past few days. 

1. Dylan made us crêpes for breakfast this morning. They were delicious, and it made me think how proud Em would be. 

2. A walk in the morning sunshine. 

3. Playing frisbee in the street with the boys. 

4. Digging in the garden, and watering in all the new plants. 

5. Lemon sorbet. Yum. 

6. Finishing a good book. 

7. The four of us playing Risk after dinner tonight. 

8. Sawyer's rosy cheeks. 

9.  Lilacs in our garden. So. Many. Lilacs. 

Happy Monday, mes amies. 
E Xo


  1. Send me a bunch of lilacs, will you? Please? I love them and last week I asked my son to smell them as we were passing in front of a tree. 'Easter at my village, when I was a child', I told him.
    That's what they bring to mind.
    Take Care!

  2. ahh i love working in the garden!


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