Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's not all bad

Things have been pretty stressful around here lately. I've been letting my anxiety get the better of me, and it can be so difficult to shake the negative mindset once I've immersed myself in it. But seriously, what is the point? Being angry and sad and worried isn't going to get me anywhere I want to be. Screw that! So, here I am with 3BT {three beautiful things} to end this day on a positive note, and maybe drift off to sleep a bit faster, too.

1. Those boys of mine. How adorable are they?
2. The weather is magnificent. So much sun. My freckles, and our garden, are loving it. 
3. A stack of good books on my nightstand {I actually have time to read them now that we're on strike}. Just finished The First Phone Call from Heaven by Mitch Albom, am half-way through One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern, and next up is The Fault in Our Stars. Anything else you'd recommend?

I've missed you guys. 
E xo

PS: One more thing... Sawyer's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. And you know how we Pughs love a party!


  1. Finding the good among the stress is a good practice. Brava Erin, for keeping that head up!

  2. Yea - glad something's going well for you at last


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