Sunday, April 27, 2014

Where do they go?

The days keep rushing past and no matter how I try, I can't seem to keep up with them. We're at the end of April now, and I haven't managed to write here for a month and a half. There was once a time I wouldn't let a day go by without posting something on my little blog. Not sure what's changed... {I'm older? More tired? Teaching full-time?} but those days are no longer. Life is full and mostly good. I love my job, the boys are thriving, Alan's got the garden looking prettier than ever, and I had a super fun 40th {um, what?!} birthday a few weeks back. All that to say, I'm still here. Hope you are too.

Fancy birthday tea at the Empress with my mom and Amanda

Dying Easter eggs with cousins

Easter egg hunt last Sunday

Ooh, and we got new {matching} living room furniture from IKEA! Hooray!

There's much more to tell, but it's late and before I know it, the Monday morning alarm will be ringing. I'll be back soon-ish, to show you how bloomy Victoria is in the spring. 

Until then, lovelies,
E xo

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  1. Is it really that long... I guess following you on instagram it doesn't really seems like you have been gone:) but good to have you back:)


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