Monday, January 27, 2014

Much Love Monday {last week of January edition}

I've always been quite partial to Mondays. Does that make me weird? Maybe. But whatever. I think it's good to think positive and make the most of a brand new week. That being said, I do love a good sleep-in, and I had one yesterday, for the first time in ages... so hooray for Sundays, too!

Here are a few other things making me happy on this foggy Monday morning {the last one in January!}

  • The long and lovely walk/ride/scoot I had with the boys yesterday. 2 hours, 2 parks, too many roads and trails and trees to count, and plenty of glorious sunshine. It was perfect! Really must do that on a more regular basis...
  • Fresh baked apple muffins for breakfast
  • Groceries delivered to the door!
  • The new series of Sherlock 
  • A clean, tidy living room with nary a Lego brick underfoot :)
  • Working with good friends who love kindergarten as much as I do
  • Organized cupboards and closets
  • Yoga + meditation = a calmer, happier me
  • I'm taking my class on a field trip to the bowling alley today. I'm getting paid to go bowling. Awesome!
  • This spring-like weather we've been having lately
  • Letters and emails from my favourite people {including all the old messages, texts and cards from Em...}
Happy Monday, my lovelies. More soon,
Erin xo

PS: January's almost over! We made it!

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