Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy things with which to end the week

January has been pretty good so far. I am loving wintertime in kindergarten!

The kids love to create snowman after snowman from the glittery playdough I made. Aren't they cute?

Speaking of snowmen, I adore all the wintry artwork we've been making. These snowmen with their colourful, bingo dabbered backgrounds make me especially happy.

My new chalk board mug is pretty awesome.

My favourite page from last year's calendar is now a permanent fixture on my classroom wall. 

Merry Christmas to us! Cassie's parcel from England arrived today! Thank you, sweet friend.

I got a Kobo eReader for Christmas. That thing is awesome! And tonight I got a "75% 
off your first purchase" so I'm definitely making some book choices this weekend.

I went back to yoga last Friday and I'm so excited to be back there tonight...

Happy Weekend, friends!
E xo


  1. Yay for it finally arriving but seriously! Where has it been hiding for over a MONTH!! Lost in the corner of a plane or something?? Well, glad it got there in the end, sorry it is so late dear xx

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