Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday favourites

I never seem to have enough time to write these days. But I'm still taking photos. Here are a few favourites from the last week.

So happy that Downton Abbey is back!

Dinner out with my best high school girlfriends {we laughed a lot}

My kindergarten classroom just keeps getting prettier

Alan woke up first the other morning, and brought me a big mug of tea :)

Pretty pink sunset, the night before Run for the Cure

Blue skies, pink balloons, and memories of Em...

Sawyer's self-portrait in Cheerios!

Happy Weekend, lovelies. If you're here in Canada, I hope you have the most wonderful Thanksgiving.
More soon...
love E xo

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  1. A pink sky the day before the run, that is just perfect:)


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