Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just a minute... in September

Reading Where'd You Go, Bernadette. Love it.
Listening to the geese flying overhead
Watching Under the Dome {it's sort of stupid, but I can't help myself} and waiting anxiously for the return of Parenthood and Downton Abbey!
Looking forward to the fall fair this weekend
Excited about kindergarten! It's so much fun :)
Making soup, muffins, homemade granola bars
Wearing skirts, blouses, sandals {trying to keep cool in the hot September sun}
Eating corn-on-the-cob before it's all gone for another year
Drinking lots and lots of water, and the occasional pumpkin spice latte
Wondering if we'll make it to England and France next summer {I sure hope so}
Wishing Em was still here... Don't think I'll ever stop wishing for that. :(

What are you up to these days?

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