Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday morning daydream

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I've read a lot of books this summer. Easy, beachy kind of books. The kind where the best friends/sisters/mother & daughters pack up and head to Nantucket for the summer to rediscover themselves/reconnect/forgive and forget/move on with their lives. Of course they stay in a fabulous house on the beach while all this is happening. No wonder then, that my Saturday morning daydream this week is to be relaxing in a deck chair at my beautiful beach house on Nantucket... {and not changing the beds, doing the laundry and heading out to get groceries, which is my Saturday morning reality}

Happy Saturday, friends! Enjoy this very last day of August.
E xo


  1. A beach house in Nantucket also sounds more interesting than my weekend working:)

  2. sounds so relaxing. have you read One Summer by David Baldacci?

  3. Some days you just need those kind of books and dreams....currently re reading Blue Bistro, sigh.....


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