Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Poppies, memories, family time

I always say that I need to write down/acknowledge/focus on three beautiful things each and every day. But do I? No. Definitely not every day. Somedays not even every other day. Sometimes I get bogged down in all the not so beautiful stuff, and I forget. And so today, I'm making sure to do it. Life is good in so many ways. I'm a lucky girl for so many reasons. So, here's my 3BT on this bright Tuesday afternoon in June...

California poppies, picked by the roadside as the boys waited for the school bus this morning, in a little blue vase on my desk.

This beautiful spot where Em's memorial bench sits. We sat there together the last time I spent a weekend with her in Vancouver, before she moved to France. This weekend it will be dedicated to her, and we'll gather to have a picnic in her honour. Em loved picnics.

Hanging out in the front yard with the boys and Alan last night before bedtime. It's a beautiful yard, with good trees for climbing. I enjoyed being there, in the company of my little family, very much.

I hope you're enjoying at least three beautiful things today! And if you'd like to tell me what they are, I'd love to hear.

PS: Ooh, I almost forgot to mention... there are just 7 days left of school until summer vacation!


  1. I think I may not to start doing this. Thank you for sharing your 3BT. Hope the end of the year was seamless and that you have grand plans for the summer. xo

  2. Those poppies are so pretty and would definitely brighten up your desk. I think that bench is so precious and what a beautiful memorial for Em. I'm sure she would love it! Miss you friend! x

  3. wow, what a gorgeous spot to have Em's memorial bench - the water, the mountains, the sculpture. i love it. plus you have your special memories with her there. what an incredible way to honor her and help heal your own heart. i wish you lots of love, warmth and joy while you're there this weekend for the dedication.

    my 3bt's today {which is such an incredible practice, by the by}: my super sweet puppy who is asleep on my foot as i type this, my fluffy kitty who is asleep on my left arm as i type this, and the fresh squeezed lemonade i made today out of the lemons from the meyer lemon tree in our front yard. oh! and one for good measure: the family of hummingbirds who've moved into our lemon tree - so tiny and cute! ah, love and summer.

  4. I love the memorial bench and think it's incredibly special that you will always have that memory of being together that last time before France. Kim said it best-- "what an incredible way to honor her and help heal your own heart." I haven't stopped thinking about you this weekend. Sending you lots of warm hugs and love, always love.

    my 3bts : about to make our big move announcement! my Mom is here with Felix and I and I am so thankful for that! we watched our favorite Elvis film together with pizza yesterday and it was the perfect Sunday. And because she is here... naps! wonderful naps I will never ever take for granted ;)



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