Friday, May 03, 2013

Happy things with which to end the week

I am so tired. This has been a long and busy week, starting with my weekend in Vancouver for Em's memorial. It was such a lovely couple of days {lovely but heartwrenching and totally exhausting}. I got home around 10 o'clock on Sunday night, and was right back to school the next morning. My first graders have been full of beans, and I've been doing my best to keep up with their abundant energy, but it's practically impossible!

Anyway, here are a few happy things to finish off the week. Hope yours has been a good one...

This is one little corner of The Regional Assembly of Text, which I discovered on Main Street in Vancouver on Saturday. Oh my god. Best. Store. Ever. They have a monthly letter writing club, where you and your fellow stationery-loving friends get to use their vintage typewriters and fabulous papers to write letters. And while you're at it, they provide tea and cookies! And the best bit? They've just opened a shop in Victoria! Wheee!

All four of our lilac trees are in bloom. This is the view from my office window. Swoon.

Speaking of views, this is the view from my classroom window. Springtime in Victoria is my favourite.

We're doing a Dr Seuss unit in Grade One. The kids love it, and get expecially excited when they get to read with my Thing 1 and Thing 2 finger puppets.

How's this for beautiful first grade artwork?

I've got a big to-do list for this weekend, but that's okay. The feeling of accomplishment we'll experience as items get checked off will make make tackling that list well worth the effort. The forecast is for plenty of sunshine and blue skies, so I plan to ride my bike with the boys {all three of them} and get lots of fresh air, too. Plus there's a new episode of Doctor Who to look forward to Saturday night, and a family game of Carcassonne to enjoy as well. I'm looking forward to all of it.

Happy Friday, friends.


  1. That is a lovely store, I think I would move in!

    Love your windows too. Maybe our playroom needs some butterflies!

  2. that store corner makes my legs weakling! LOVE.
    your window view makes me jealous.


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