Monday, April 15, 2013

Must remember this

It was my New Year's resolution, remember? "Be who you are and say what you feel." I've been working on it, even in the midst of all the chaos and worry and sadness of the past few months. And I'm happy to say I'm getting better at saying what I feel, bit by bit. But old habits can be hard to break {yep, former Little Miss People Pleaser over here}, so I might just have to order myself this pretty print by Emily McDowell as a reminder. It would look awesome in my office.

Em and I used to talk about this a lot. How I need to stand up for myself, express my feelings, make my opinion known. I can't help but think that she would be proud of me now. I kind of feel like she's cheering me on, wherever she is. Thank you, E. 

Happy Monday, friends. Hope your weekend was a good one.


  1. I have the same issue. I'm worried I'll hurt someone's feelings but sometimes it's me who winds up getting hurt in the end. Stay strong! Happy Monday :hug:

    1. I'm working on it every day! Hug to you too.

  2. I admire you for making the effort to change this aspect of yourself. You have a beautiful voice, Erin, and it definitely deserves to be heard! I have no doubts that Em is smiling at your progress :)

  3. I love this quote. And I think Em would be REALLY proud of you right now.


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