Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy things with which to end the week

Some things that are making me smile on this blustery Friday night:
  • Several days of sunshine {leading up to today's rain}
  • A garden full to bursting with tulips
  • Birthday mail that just keeps coming
  • FaceTime with friends {even though it makes my heart ache for Em and our regular FT dates}
  • A stack of new, light-hearted library books
  • Being told {twice!} that I look like Uma Thurman in the photo above {so not true, but loving it anyway}
  • Starting and ending the week with fancy afternoon tea
  • I went to my first-ever yoga class this week and I loved it {can't wait to go back}
  • Climbing into a bed with clean sheets {dried on the clothesline} and falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow {a girl can dream...}
Good-night, friends. Have a lovely weekend..
E xo


  1. Hello my lovely! I'm glad you have had some happy moments this week. I hope the yoga helps (I went to a body balance class which is a mix of yoga, pilates and tai chi. It was awesome). I hope you receive my gift soon :) love you sweet friend. x

    1. Your gift arrived on Friday, Gracie, and I love it. Such a beautiful tea cup! I recognized it as an Etsy favourite of mine the minute I opened the box. Thank you!


  2. So glad you are finding yourself on here again Erin!

    You got into yoga, huh. Isn't it wonderful?!

    I'm happy you are finding bright spots in the darkness!

    1. I'm going to keep trying to focus on those bright spots... Yoga helps :)

  3. For the record you are much prettier than Uma Thurman!


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