Monday, January 14, 2013

Scenes from the weekend

This weekend was full of all sorts of good things: family movie night, a dusting of snow, bright blue sky, breakfast out, a pile of birthday presents and a tasty chocolate cake, a good workout, roast chicken and a crock pot full of soup, catching up on Fringe, an afternoon at my sister's house, and finally...a long, relaxing bubble bath on Sunday night, followed by the newest episode of Downton Abbey. As far as weekends go, it was pretty much perfect. I think I'm ready for Monday now.

Alan's birthday presents, all wrapped up and ready for Saturday morning

Breakfast at the Fountain Diner

Happy birthday boy

Pugh boys' chess tournament

A chai tea latté and some cozy fingerless gloves


  1. It sounds like a lovely weekend Erin, oh how I miss the option of having a bubble bath! I didnt feel very well this weekend so it was all a bit of a blur, oh well only 5 days until the next one.

  2. I'm never ready for Monday :) but your weekend does sound lovely and happy birthday to Alan.

    I love the photo of the chess game, it really made me smile.


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