Monday, January 07, 2013

Much Love Monday {or fighting off the January blues}

So, I've decided that in order to become a better, happier version of me, I need to get to bed earlier. Especially now that school's back in and we're settling into our usual routine once more. So I'm going to make this quick, and then I'm turning out the lights. Here goes:

It's Monday. Mondays suck. And so does January. However, that's not a very good attitude, is it? So here's my Monday happy list, the things that got me through the dark, dreary day...

For Christmas, my mom bought tickets for me and my sister to see one of my favourite bands from my university days. The concert was last night. We were in the 6th row, and we had a fantastic time. I still love Blue Rodeo, and I can still sing along to pretty much every song. For three whole hours! Sigh...

I went into school last week to get organized for the first week back in January. I'm glad I did. And I'm glad I have a neat, tidy desk to start off the New Year.

A brisk, lunch hour walk with some teaching friends. Fresh air and splashing in puddles is so good for the soul.

The new vanilla spice latté at Starbucks? Yes, please! I sipped, I wrote Em a letter, I enjoyed the rain on the windows. It was a nice little bit of "me time" while the boys were at Beavers tonight.

Speaking of Em, how much do I love my iPhone, and iMessaging with her off and on all day? So much!

Good-night, friends. Hope you made it through your Monday and found some little things to spur you on and move you forward into the rest of the week!
E xo

Ooh, and how could I forget? Season Three of Downton Abbey!!! Did you see the premiere last night?


  1. The concert sounds like a lot of fun! Mondays do suck... I'm so glad you could find things to be grateful for! Your lists always encourage me.

  2. Oh Downton made my night the other night! I think I need to start going to bed earlier too - it's been very chilly here making it hard to get up in the morning.

  3. Vanilla spice latte?!? I definitely need to get my behind to Starbucks and try that!

    I think getting a good night's sleep is an important and often underestimated way to regain control of your life. It's easy to pile on more and more things to do and watch and read, etc, but rest is the only way to truly appreciate all of those things tomorrow :)

  4. Mondays are only made better by the fact that when I get to the office, we can talk about Downton Abbey now. But I'm with you on feeling the January blues. More Dan Stevens is clearly in order.



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