Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Post office, presents, plans

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I had a day off today {to make up for going in last week for a day of meetings when it should have been my day off} and I made the very most of it. I got a lot done and am feeling much better about it being December 4th already! And so, here's my Tuesday night 3BT:

1. There was hardly any line at the post office today! I had several parcels and Christmas cards to send, and it felt so good to see them loaded onto the truck as I left.

2. I'm pretty excited about a few of the presents I've bought so far. I have something exciting for each of my three boys already and a few more fabulous plans in the works.

3. Speaking of plans, my friend Shannon and I are planning a Christmas craft afternoon with our two Grade 1 classes next week. We're going to be making some adorable tree ornaments with our students, the kind their parents will cherish for years to come. I might have to make hot chocolate with candy cane stir sticks for the occasion.

Have you got three beautiful things to share tonight? I'd love to hear.


  1. Okay give the goods on the ornaments with the kids. Still searching for the perfect 'gift' for my kids to make for the grandparents. Hard to believe Christmas is so close, wow ! Looks like I'll be seeing you at Amanda's on the 22nd. It's been years so should be fun!

  2. I haven't even started my shopping yet...I'm always so behind but some how every year it gets done.
    My 3 things 1. It's Wednesday already and I have Friday off all to myself 2. My dining room is almost finished just need to finish painting the trim 3. I got a super cute wreath for our side door for $4.


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