Monday, November 26, 2012

Much Love Monday

I had a good weekend and a decent Monday, all things considered {I mean, it was Monday after all}. It's late and I need to get to bed in order to ensure a happy Tuesday, too, so here's a really quick list of the things I'm loving on the last Monday in November:

  • My super cute new t-shirt with the adorable vintage-style Santa on the front {a gift from my friend Stacey who headed south of the border this weekend to take part in some serious Black Friday shopping!} Am totally wearing it on December 1st.
  • 4 more days until the annual Byrne Girls' Christmas-y Weekend Away! Woot!
  • The frost on the lawns this morning made the whole world sparkle {well, my whole neighbourhood anyway}
  • I worked right through my lunch hour today and got a bunch of stuff done. Yes! This means I can go Christmas shopping on my lunch tomorrow {and, dare I tackle the post office as well?}
  • All four of us sitting at the table after dinner tonight, colouring :)
  • Alan has worked hard and put up so many of our Christmas lights. As I pulled into the driveway after my workout at the gym tonight, the whole house twinkled. Thanks, Dar. xo

And now, bedtime! I'll be back soon, I promise. In the meantime, what are you loving this Monday?


  1. That shirt is adorable and you will look so sweet wearing that shirt. It sounds like you have a lot to love. I always shop in my lunch time. Sometimes it's the best time to shop (and I get away from work for an hour). I would love to go to NYC with you one day :)

  2. sounds like you are having a wonderful time. well i wish where i am in london was nice and christmassy but its quite drizzly n grey this morn! im jewish so we celebrate chanuka instead of christmas but i love the christmas lights in central london, the trees are so nice.

  3. I stayed up to late on Monday night but coffee managed to get me through until Tuesday night! I am so behind in my christmas shopping, I think I might try and do most of it online because the shops start to stress me out at this time of year.I am off on a girls weekend too, have a fantastic time xx

  4. What a great list of things to love? I especially love the post office! Where are you going for your weekend away? XX,

  5. Fantastic t-shirt - just the thing for teaching those tiny ones in. Your weekend away always takes me be surprise and makes me realise just how close Christmas is, I am sure I said the same last year.
    I am just waiting on one delivery now and then I can package up the Pugh Family parcel and send it on its way! Can't wait to see a photo, or two, of your house all Christmassy very soon.

  6. i absolutely love your vintage santa top :) how sweet of Stacey!

    awww i wish my husband would hang up christmas lights like A. *pout i may have to pull the, "but it's felix's first christmas!" card ;)



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