Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday 3BT

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1. This morning I dropped the boys off at school and headed home, not for my usual Thursday morning Skype date with Em, but for tea and bagels at the kitchen table with Em! Skype is nice, but this was so. much. nicer.

2. Eating fajitas for dinner while listening to the Gipsy Kings, and doing a little bit of chair dancing {Sawyer was totally getting into it}.

3. Watching Em and Dylan practice for his dictée tomorrow. Listening to them chatting away in French. J'adore...

4. {okay, so it's a 4BT post this week} The chill in the air, the mist in the mornings, the most glorious colours on the leaves. Fall is here, and I love it.

More soon, including the E & me photo I promised {we've been so busy talking non-stop that we've taken very few photos so far... will rectify that problem tomorrow for sure}. Until then, un gros bisou!
E xo


  1. I can really sense your giddy excitement at being together in this post - love it!! Hope the rest of your time together is as fabulous as all this sounds. xx

  2. Fajita's are my favourite! I love fall colours but not fall tempretures hehe. It snowed here yesterday - such a crazy start to Spring but today is glorious and sunny and I am heading out to this flower festival with one of my blog friends, Alyssa, life is pretty good! Have a great weekend :)

  3. Hooray for 3 (or 4) BT! Especially the kind that involves friends being nearby again!


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