Friday, October 05, 2012

Happy things with which to end the week

It's Friday again already! It's been a good week, and I've got plenty of little things to smile about. Things like:

Reading this book {a favourite from my own childhood} to my class today, and then following the "secret recipe" and baking cranberry bread together. I've even hidden the recipe somewhere in the classroom for them to find, just like in the book.

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Skyping with Em {we're now in the same time zone!} and making plans for next week! "This shit's about to get real." :)

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It's getting cold at night now. Thank goodness for my hot water bottle! I like to get cozy under the covers with it and watch Downton Abbey before I go to sleep.

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Purdy's chocolate pumpkins, delivered to our door!

via Purdy's

It's Thanksgiving this weekend! That means three days off, lots of family time, a delicious dinner of soup and turkey sandwiches in the backyard at my mom & dad's on Sunday {I'm bringing the butternut squash soup- yum} and a roast chicken dinner with all the fixings at home on Monday, oh and let's not forget... pumpkin pie. The weather is supposed to be fabulous, so hopefully we'll get to spend lots of time outside in the sunshine {and the leaves!}, pumpkin spice lattés in hand.

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Hope your weekend is wonderful, and that you have lots to feel thankful for. See you Monday!
E xo


  1. I forgot about Cranberry Thanksgiving. Thanks for the reminder! It's a good book.
    Your weekend sounds amazing. Mine also involves pumpkin spice lattes, plus new grandbaby cuddles and a road race.
    Have fun!

    Grade ONEderful
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  2. Cranberry Thanksgiving was such a special book for me growing up too ... I was devastated to find out my Mum gave ours away, or something, she can't remember. Now I've got to fork out the big bucks to get my own copy. SUCH a good book!

    And sooooooooooo glad Em is coming!!

  3. This sounds so cozy! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. I should get myself a hot water bottle for the winter...


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