Thursday, October 18, 2012

Classroom in progress

Remember all that time I spent setting up my new classroom this summer? I was pretty pleased at the end of August with the way it had turned out, but was looking forward to breathing a bit more life and colour into the room once the kids arrived. Well, here we are nearly 7 weeks into the school year, and I'm so happy with the way it's come together so far. Want to take a look? {my apologies in advance for the grainy quality of the photos... I took them yesterday afternoon as it was getting dark outside and the light really wasn't great}

 It's fall in the first grade! I love my orange twinkle lights just inside the classroom door.

 October = pumpkins and autumn leaves

 This is my calendar station. I'm hoping to add to it over the next little while.

 Pumpkins and bats in the window.

 Self-portraits grace the walls

And plenty of Winnie the Witches!

I had a TOC in for me when Em was here. Didn't she make a fabulous bulletin board in our hallway?

The kids get dismissed via this door each afternoon. I love the leafy garland overhead.

Tomorrow is a professional development day. I'll be at school all day without the students, learning as much as I can about how to do guided reading, and hopefully finding the time to set up new math and writing centres, too. A teacher's work is never done! Especially when the teacher is brand new to the grade and has been happily hiding out in the library for the past seven years... I'm getting the hang of things now though, and it's starting to get easier. One day at a time, right? {I can't wait for December to roll around. My room is going to be so very festive!}

Happy Thursday.


  1. Oh how these photos reminded me of many of my own from my time teaching. Decorating and personalising a classroom was one of my absolute favourite things about teaching and we have such similar tastes! Looks like a great place to call 'home' during a work day.

  2. The classroom looks great, E! I love your students' bright and colorful artwork. :) Hoping tomorrow's PD session is interesting and productive. I am going to run the Math Olympics at the interschool student festival next week! YAY!

  3. love the classroom!
    sometimes i wish i could visit my time in elementary school again

  4. Looks awesome, Erin! Now I'm inspired to take a few photos of my own classroom, too.

  5. I love the Our Class Board!! Hopefully I will be able to visit your classroom in te New Year - kinda miss the school.

  6. oh erin, i LOVE your beautiful classroom (fairy lights! and those self-portraits!? awesome!!! i can't wait to one day keep felix's artwork).

    i really can't wait to see what your christmas decor looks like :)


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