Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday birthday 3BT {say that five times, fast!}

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I love Thursday. It's my day off. My day to get stuff done around here, to meet up with friends, to get some extra exercise... and to recover from the first few crazy days of the week in Grade 1. This Thursday is especially nice, and here's why:

1. It's my {fantastic, fabulous, awesome} sister's birthday today! We're going out for lunch. Soup, sandwiches, hot beverages, birthday presents, and lots of laughs. I can't wait.

2. I get to help out with the Terry Fox Run at the boys' school this afternoon. It's a beautiful autumn day {blue skies, sunshine, temps around 20 degrees}. Perfect for a run around the school fields, and it's always a good day to feel grateful for the amazing thing that Terry Fox did. He is truly one of our greatest Canadian heroes. And now I'm going to cry.

3. I've got a phone date with Em this morning. Next best thing to seeing her in person. Which reminds me... just 13 days to go!

Happy Thursday, friends. Are there three beautiful things making you smile today? Do tell! I'd love to catch up.


  1. How was lunch with your sister (happy birthday!!!)? Your Thursday sounds like it was wonderful. I'm having a rough day, and your post cheered me up. Thanks, Erin! XO,

  2. e, i always love your 3BTs. Happy Birthday to your sis! sounds like the perfect way to celebrate too :) oh how i wish i could come.

    ONLY 13 DAYS!!! how i can't wait to see you two together.

    my 3 beautiful things:

    1. being able to nap for longer than 45 minutes (though gosh, i'll take that on a good day) AND take a shower-- two things i will never take for granted again ;)

    2. felix felix felix. her sweet face when we're nursing.

    3. the fact that nursing gets easier and easier.

    ps. thanks again for letting me reach out to you. i'm in a MUCH better (well easier?) place now but it's day by day, moment by moment you know? So thankful to have your friendship. more than you know xoxo


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