Monday, August 20, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

What an idyllic weekend this was. We spent Friday soaking up the sun at Witty's Beach, cooling off in the shade of a nearby park, and in the evening we did a bit of back-to-school shopping before going out for Greek food {it was way too hot to cook}. Saturday afternoon we were invited out to the family home of a colleague of mine, and it was marvellous. We got to spend the evening at a big, beautiful old place way out in Deep Cove. It smelled of wild roses and the ocean and I was instantly in love! We swam at their private beach and went rowing, then tromped back up to the house for the most delicious dinner {fresh prawns, garlic bread and lemon meringue pie featured heavily}. After that, we watched a movie projected onto sheets hanging off the back porch. The boys were thrilled to be sitting on foamies, eating popcorn and watching cartoons in the dark. It was so much fun, and we didn't get home until just before midnight! Sunday Alan worked on staining the deck, and I got all domestic, making pizza from scratch and whipping up some homemade cinnamon buns {the weather cooled down on Sunday, and I found myself in the mood for something fresh from the oven}. While I puttered in the kitchen, Alan took the boys for a bike ride. We ended the day curled up on Dylan's bed, reading the first two chapters of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Aaaah... From start to finish, it was pretty much perfect. 

The week ahead promises to be busy, with lunch dates and haircuts, blackberry picking, labelling school supplies {I know I'm going to regret not ordering those labels I saw on Etsy when I'm writing "Dylan Pugh" on the thirty-seventh pencil crayon}, and some more time at school getting my classroom organized. And would you believe it's my 20th high school reunion on Saturday? I wonder if there's any chance I can lose 10 lbs between now and then...


  1. WOW-- erin sounds like the ultimate getaway!!! and these photographs - you managed to capture bliss! i wish i could do something like this before the baby comes.


    ooh i'm getting a MUCH needed haircut tomorrow and i can't wait!!! it's the little things, no? ;)


    1. Yes, indeed it is!

      The photos of the place really don't do it justice. It was 100 times more beautiful than the photos show...

      I hope you do manage a little getaway before baby arrives. I imagine it'll be a while until the next one!


  2. Your weekend looks and sounds fabulous!!

  3. Erin, you're gorgeous -- you totally don't need to lose 10 pounds at all. Just go to that reunion and live it up!

    And is that a lake or the ocean you have photos of? It's absolutely beautiful! I need to get into nature more, which is precisely what I'll be doing in Scotland I suppose!

    1. Aww, thanks Brandi! I'll certainly try :)

      The photos are of the ocean, in a sheltered cove. It was so lovely!

  4. wow looks lovely! like the new blog look too :)

  5. So that pretty much looks like my dream home!! Sigh...
    And Brandi is dead on about the reunion! Beautiful, accomplished, amazing woman who has a beautiful family, beautiful home and a beautiful life! Go and have a fabulous time with your friends!!!


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