Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy things with which to end the week

This week went by too fast. I can feel August slipping away from me, and I don't like it! Still, there are plenty of things to make me smile this Friday. Things like...

 Special time for me and Sawyer, while Dylan was at art camp this week

Cuddles with my baby boy

Celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary with a delicious dinner, just the two of us! {that's the Empress Hotel, where we spent our wedding night, in the background}

 A stroll around the harbour after our dinner out

More progress in my Grade 1 classroom

My anniversary flowers on the kitchen table- aren't they pretty?

Happy Weekend, friends! Hope you enjoy every second.


  1. 10 years!! That deserves a big CONGRATS! I'm approaching ONE year soon and it flew by. Is it true that the 1st year is the hardest? This seemed too easy to be the hardest year.

  2. SO many things to be happy about. 10 years is amazing and I wish you many many more together. It's great when you have time to spend with your baby boy. And your classroom is looking cute. Plus lovely flowers :) Can't wait to see you! x

  3. Love the classroom... let's hope we get to share it :)
    PS. Happy Anniversary to you and Alan. It doesn't seem like 10 years, does it?

  4. everything looks beautiful in your world, and as it should be! <3

    10 years. beautiful!!!

    also, love how your classroom is coming along.

    all this? makes ME happy!


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