Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An apple for the teacher

Look what I found in my mailbox this morning, all the way from my sweet friend Micaela in Texas... The exact apple-shaped brass bell from my back-to-school wishlist! Isn't it gorgeous? And you should hear its tinkly little bell!

The first day of  school is exactly one week from today. I am a little bit in denial about this, but mostly I feel ready to take on the challenge of an exciting new school year and a brand new job {I'll be teaching grade 1, almost full-time}. I've been putting a lot of time and effort into setting up my classroom this summer, with the intention of making it as cheerful and inviting as possible.  This little apple adds the perfect touch! Micaela sent the sweetest little note, explaining that she'd seen my wish list and "just about fell over when i saw the apple bell" because she had one EXACTLY like it that she'd used as an anchor for balloons at her wedding! Can you believe that? What are the chances? She wrote, "It was of special use to me & now it will be of special use to you as you start a fresh new school year. So go on... ring it in- literally!" Isn't that wonderful?

Thank you so much, Micaela! I love it. And I'll think of you, dear friend, every time I ring it :)


  1. I couldn't wait for you to get this and love the perfect timing. This will be an amazing year for you and for all the students who are lucky to have Mrs. Pugh :)

    you are just lovely! a little thank-you from Felix & me for being a wonderful friend and already sweet auntie ;) (i can't wait to dress her in her custom TX onesie!)


  2. Micaela called me so excited that she could pass on something that was part of a special memory for her to start a special memory for you :) I hope you have the most amazing school year! Those first graders sure are lucky to have you as their teacher!


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