Thursday, June 21, 2012

We love London

The boys received a summertime parcel in the mail from Nanny on Tuesday afternoon, and yesterday morning we opened it with her through the magic of Skype {"Nanny" is Alan's mum who lives in England}. How perfect that it actually was the first day of summer. 

Look at the treasures we found inside {and check out the smiles on the boys' faces!}:

 Each of them got a fabulous double decker tin full of Cadbury's chocolate!

 And a super cool London Summer Olympics t-shirt.

 And a Peppa Pig mug!

Dylan's holding tight to his tin full of goodies

"Cheers, mate. Innit?"

Thank you so much, Nanny, for the wonderful goodies. What an exciting way to start the day, and the summer! Now we're looking forward to watching the Olympics on TV even more than we were before. We'll be wearing our t-shirts for sure! I can't promise there'll be any chocolates left by then though...


  1. Cadbury chocolates? Those are two very lucky boys! That said, I'm hitting up the British shop on NYC's Lower East Side this weekend to get my hands on some Cadbury Mini Eggs...

    1. Mmmm, Mini-Eggs. We get them up here in Canada, too. You should come visit again and I'll load you up!

      So great to chat the other day. Let's do it again soon.

  2. What wonderful gifts from Nanny!!! So sweet!!! Being a fellow Anglophile, I love the London theme :) And the boys smiles are so precious! I have always loved the Olympics and am even more excited this year since it's in the city I love with all my heart!!! Not too much longer now ;)

    1. I knew you'd enjoy this post! Thought of you as I wrote it actually...

      We love the Olympics too. Two years ago they were on our doorstep in Vancouver, and now they're going to be in our favourite city! Can't wait to watch!

  3. Your boys are glowing, Erin! Nanny chose the perfect gifts for them. Enjoy the summer!

    1. Thanks, Marcia. She did choose wisely! The boys were so happy!

      Hope you have a great summer, too. Portugal, here you come!

  4. That is so sweet of her! I love the mugs... and don't worry, the chocolate would disappear around here pretty quick too! Hope you're having a nice summer so far!


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