Friday, June 08, 2012

Happy things

We've reached the end of the first week of June already, hmm? It doesn't feel like it. The weather has turned cold again. It's windy and wet, and decidedly autumn-ish. It's hard to get excited about summer vacation when you're wearing jeans and socks and a sweater and a raincoat! But I'll keep on trying. After all, it is just three weeks away now! That's item number one on my list of happy things with which to end the week... Here are a few more:

I've run out of my Tetley tea bags, and so I've been drinking my Yorkshire loose tea a lot lately. It's bold and delicious. And just the thing on these dreary, rainy days.

via etsy

The parent-teacher year-end luncheon is tomorrow. Excellent! I love a potluck! I made a quinoa salad that should taste great. And {after spotting this on tumblr} I'm imagining that Ryan Gosling baked some goodies for me to bring, too!

I love how the front of our suite looks now that it's painted and we've planted some new hanging baskets. It's got such a lovely, cottagey feel, hasn't it?
 A fresh coast of white paint works wonders

I snuck into the boys' bedroom to fix their blankets and give them one more good-night kiss. I couldn't resist Sawyer's rosy cheeks...
I could eat him up he's so adorable. {Dylan is too, but he was facing the wall, so I couldn't get a photo!}

There's more {it's been a good week!} but I am so tired. I'm going to follow my boys' example and get comfy in bed under the duvet. Aaah, that's another thing that makes me happy. My bed!

More soon. I might pop back tomorrow with a Saturday morning daydream. Until then, happy Friday, friends!

E xo


  1. I do hope things get better. I'm glad it's been a better week. Your weather must be like ours (but then we are in winter in Australia).

    I soo can't wait to see your lovely house. A coat of white paint really does freshen up a house. As for the rosy cheeks...adorable!

  2. your front door is beautiful! i always feel like everyone else brings such lovely things to a potluck that i won't be able to measure up to so i bring drinks or a ready-made dessert!

    1. Thanks, Sheba!

      I usually bring fruit tarts to a potluck {they're super easy but they look and taste oh-so-impressive) but I had a ton of quinoa that needed to be used.

  3. Vacation will be here soon! :)

  4. Oh how i love a good potluck too! :) i bet your salad was a hit and man oh man that Ryan G.! ha i giggled--perfect.

    rosy cheeks and a cottage feel... happy things indeed! XOXO


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