Wednesday, June 13, 2012

E & me {gumboots}

June has been pretty lame, weather-wise, in Victoria and in Annecy. There's been plenty of rain and it's been decidedly un-summery. In fact, it's been feeling more like fall.

But we won't despair just yet! After all, it's not even technically summer until the 20th. We've got an entire week for things to turn around, non?


And in the meantime, we've got some pretty cute gumboots to splash around in.
Can you tell which ones are mine and which are Em's?

PS: Do you call them gumboots, too? Or are you more likely to be overheard referring to yours as rainboots? Wellies? Galoshes?


  1. they are both cute! i generally refer to them as galoshes... i hadn't heard gumboots before, so thanks for my something new today!! : )

  2. We call them gumboots too! Well at least I do. We had a really wet summer I hope yours warms up soon. I think yours might be the checkered one...


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