Wednesday, May 09, 2012


... are one of my favourite things to wear. There's something classy and casual about them, no? And I like to think they make me look a little bit French.

Tonight as I was hanging out the laundry, I noticed that of my five clean shirts, four were striped. So... I've probably got enough. But that won't stop me from wanting more.

Stripes + side pony = awesome.

I want the tiny pinstripe skirt from EmersonMade. Isn't it cute?

How fabulous is this striped, sleeveless number from J.Crew? Love it.

How about you? Do you like stripes?

images via 1/2/3


  1. Stripes are lovely and you definitely rock stripes my dear friend! Sending you a letter this week and a message for date and time suggestions for our skype date!


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