Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy things to end the week with

Five weeks from today, I'll be on summer vacation. 

7 weeks from now we'll be packing for Sorrento! I can't wait to relax by the lake for an entire week.

I loved the flashback to Kurt's "All the Single Ladies" number on the Glee season finale {and his dad's rendition!}. And pretty much the entire episode really. Is it lame to admit that I cried?

Alan and I have been together for 12 years now. To the day. Here's to happy memories of Ireland, and to going back someday.

This week has been intense, and I'm exhausted. I'm so glad that it's the weekend and I can take some time to unwind a bit.  What are your plans for the next few days?

PS: Happy Memorial Day to my dear American friends. Enjoy your extra day off!

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  1. Hope you're having a lovely weekend, Erin!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Erin! I hope you and Alan were able to do something special to celebrate.

    I'm having a quiet weekend here. I really should be working on my thesis, but I'm trying to take some time to nurture myself. I need that.

  3. Yes! Summer Vacation is right around the corner!! :) So excited!! But just like we are waiting for it, it is sure to go by way too fast!!

    I feel you love, these past weeks have been hard also, but the sun will come out tomorrow! :)

    Yes, my hubby and Micaela's hubby share the same birthday, not only that but they turn the same age!! How crazy is that?!? :)

    Miss you lots my darling friend! Thank you for you supportive tweets and messages!


  4. Happy Anniversary! I hope you had fun celebrating. It sounds like you have a lot of fun things planned for this summer :)


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