Saturday, April 07, 2012

Scenes of Central Park

It's been a beautiful weekend here so far {don't you just love a four-day weekend?} We've spent much of it outside, gardening and watering flowers, washing the van and having an impromptu water fight! Tomorrow's Easter egg hunt should be pretty much perfect, with blue skies and lots of sunshine.

The only thing we still need to do on this gorgeous spring weekend {maybe Monday?} is go on a picnic. I love a good picnic, don't you? And now that I've been to New York, when I think of picnics, I can't help but think about Central Park. Next time, we'll go in the summer. And we will picnic up a storm. In the meantime, enjoy these  recent photos and imagine yourself there, picnic basket in hand. That's what I'm going to do.

 Happy Weekend! And Happy Easter, if you celebrate it. May the sun shine down on your part of the world, and here's hoping the bunny fills your basket with oodles of mini-eggs.


  1. Oh Central Park. We acted out movie and tv scenes from the Park, so geeky hehe. Enjoy the four day weekend!

    1. Not geeky... perfectly normal! We were excited to see the Friends fountain, the bridge where the lady feeds the birds in Home Alone, the boathouse from Date Night, etc. etc. ... and the entire time we rolled along on our carriage ride, we giggled about the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer drives the hansom cab and feeds all those beans to the horse!

  2. Love it!!! Love your pictures of Central Park, imagine if they would have been full of leaves and the flowers in full bloom! I tell you, you would have fallen even more head over heels for Central Park! And YES! Next time you come, it should be in the Summer and we will have a picnic :)

    Happy Easter my darling friend! Have a most wonderful day with your beautiful family and may it be full of lots of candy :)


  3. OH OH we walked through that tunnel in Central Park - how cool is that! See you soon K


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