Wednesday, April 04, 2012

E & me {suitcases}

After a two-week hiatus, while Em went to Egypt and I went to New York {glamourous globe-trotters that we are!}, E & me is back! And since we've only just recently returned from our travels, we're going to stick with that theme for the next few weeks {sometimes you just can't help but wish your vacation would last a little bit longer}. And so this week, we give you... our luggage.

One of these suitcases is all packed and ready to go, the other has just arrived home. Can you guess whose is whose? {or is it waaay too obvious?}


  1. Hmmmmmm... I know, I know! I know which one is yours :) Is it the one on the right, hehe!! :)


  2. Hilarious - I'm sorry but way to obvious that you just got home! Thank you for the smile!


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