Wednesday, April 11, 2012

E & me {passport}

It's week two of our travel theme here on E & me. And this time, that means passports!

No, we're not going to show you our passport photos {ha! that will never happen}, but we will show you the covers of our matching Canadian passports, all set to take us 'round the world {maps and fashion magazines in tow}...

If I could, I'd pack a bag, grab my passport {it's the one on the left}, and hop on a plane tonight. A plane that would take me to meet Em in Paris tomorrow morning. We'd have breakfast at a sidewalk café, and while away the hours, catching up over croissants and coffee. And then I'd take a million and one photos of la tour Eiffel...

I'm curious. If you could catch a flight somewhere tonight, where in the world would you go?


  1. haha pass port photos are always bad why is that? even if i think i look goood i end up depressed cos those booths make me look terrible!

  2. You should share photos!! Everyone loves a good passport photo!
    If I could jump on a plane (taking Sam and James of course) then it would be to a Greek island I think, just in time for some delicious greek supper!
    Or a plane to join you all for a fun Spring weekend in Canada!!
    If only it were that simple...

  3. Oh the places I would go!! It would be impossible for me to narrow them down! London will always be my first pick if I could go anywhere! Then I'd say Greece, Spain and the list goes on and on! So cute seeing your passports :) It's a wonderful feeling to get a stamp in one!


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