Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

Spring break is off to a great start. This weekend there were birthday parties to attend, movies to see, Lego buildings to construct, and treats to eat. We went to the park and worked in the garden, stayed up late and slept in. My mom, Amanda and I planned our New York City itinerary {two days until take-off!}, and I made a giant list of all the things I need to do before we're on our way. Thank goodness I've got Monday and Tuesday off to get ready...

Saturday afternoon at the movies. We loved The Lorax. It was the first full-length film I've taken both the boys to, and they happily sat through the entire thing.

Mmmm! Movie popcorn is the best

 Ocean views at the park

Wahoo! It's spring break!

My sister lives in Sidney. I drove out to her place twice this weekend.

 Gerbera daisies just might be my favourite

 Lego city in progress

Great big pre-travel to-do list 

Next week, my scenes from the weekend post will look very different... you'll be seeing things like the Empire State Building and me in Central Park! I can hardly believe that I'll be in NYC on Wednesday. Wow. Any last-minute suggestions for things I absolutely  must see or do? Let's hear 'em!


  1. Good luck getting everything done today!! I'm so glad you've been having such a pleasant spring break so far.

  2. I've been dying to see the Lorax. If they can both sit through it, so can I...right?


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