Friday, March 16, 2012

Just a minute in... March

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Watching You've Got Mail {checking out all the locations I'm going to visit in New York next week, like Kathleen's brownstone on West 89th, above!} and, when I get home... The Hunger Games {in IMAX!}

Writing letters to friends, and in both of my journals. And lists! So many lists of the things I want to see and do, and of everything I need to pack...

Reading The Feeling Good Handbook {working through some stuff...} and an interesting novel, Come, Thou Tortoise.

Excited about my trip to New York City with my mom and sister. It's almost here after five months of waiting, and I can't even believe it!

Listening to Adele. I just can't get enough of that girl's voice.

Wondering if our cherry trees will be in bloom by the time I get home on the 26th? I hope so. And also... what should I do for my birthday?

Planning our NYC itinerary! So much to see and do in our 5 days there...

Wearing my orange raincoat. It's so bright and cheerful. I love it.

Looking forward to... Besides my trip to NYC? Spring. It's my favourite season.

How are you at this minute in March?


  1. Erin I'm so excited for your New York trip. It's going to be amazing. And I will need to get tips off you when you get back.

    P.S. I'm beyond excited about THG movie. I squeal every time I see posters or the trailer.

    1. Can't wait to tell you all about it, Gracie! I'll take notes to share with you, shall I? ;~)

      Hunger Games! Not long now!

  2. Wow - Next week amazing - it will be so much fun - lets try have a phone date before you leave!!!
    Love Ya K

  3. Yay for NYC! I'm super excited that you'll be going! :)

  4. What a fun post! Enjoy your week in NY!

  5. i think Spring's everyone's favorite season... ha! Happy weekend!!!

    1. True. Because, seriously... what's not to love about spring?!

  6. I am SO excited for your trip to NYC!!! :) I can't believe it's finally here :) Micaela and I had an amazing time there last spring. The city is so magical!! I can't wait for you and Karina to meet. She is the most amazing, loveliest person you'll ever meet. I miss her so much! Give her a hug for me won't you? :)

    1. I will, Marianne! Our hotel is in her neighbourhood, so we're planning to meet at Cafe Lalo for a visit. I'm so excited!

  7. At this minute in March I am loving this amazing SUMMER weather we've been having! It is 80 degrees out there today.

    I love re-watching movies like You've Got Mail and dreaming about visiting those places. It's going to be so magical to visit the real thing!


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