Monday, January 02, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

The first weekend of the year was a low-key one, which is good because tomorrow morning we jump right back into our crazy work/school routine. We played board games, read books, built Lego... We ate and drank and ate some more! We rang in the New Year with sparklers and Skype, hot chocolate and a Cadbury's yule log. On Sunday we went grocery shopping {lots of salad fixings in that shopping cart, let me tell you!}, and to the park to breathe in the fresh air. All in all, it was a nice way to start the year.

 Dylan's new "around the world" game is a huge hit!

 3 pm in Canada = midnight in France, so Em and I skyped to say "Bonne annĂ©e!"

 Sawyer snapped my photo {and oh boy, am I ever wintry-white!}

Cheese fondue for dinner

Hot chocolate & whipped cream for the boys {plus my pretty poinsettia}

 We got them up at 11:30 so they could join in the fun at midnight

 Sparklers are hard to photograph

 Dylan's sweet New Year card

Two lovely boys on the first day of 2012

Did you have a good weekend? Hope it was as relaxing and sparkly as ours! 
How did you say good-bye to 2011?

PS: My look back at 2011 is here. It took me forever to do, so be sure to take a look, won't you please?


  1. Sounds like a great way to start the new year - ours included a wintry walk too and it was so refreshing!

  2. My trip to the Alsace region of France to ring in 2012 was fabulous. Before I got this nasty flu, of course. But if I stop having a fever one day soon {fingers crossed!} I may actually blog what we got up to in Colmar...

    In the meantime, hooray for resurrecting the "Scenes From the Weekend" series! I must do that soon. It looks like you had a lot of lovely & relaxing family time, which is definitely what you needed before the whole back-to-the routine stuff.

    I love Dylan's card to you & Alan! And the fact that you took a photo of our NYE Skype chat... very geeky but very fun, non?

    And now that I've digested {most} of my enormous New Year's Eve dinner, I can admire your fondue photo without my stomach churning. Looks like it was delicious! And how was the Cadbury's Yule Log?


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