Wednesday, January 25, 2012

E & me {what I'm reading}

It's cold, it's grey, it's pouring rain. What's a girl to do but get cozy indoors with a cup of tea and a pile of books?

Here are some of the things that Em and I are currently reading. 

Can you guess who's reading which?

And... please won't you recommend something fabulous for us to read next?

Merci! And Happy Wednesday.


  1. ooo, i'm not sure who's who, but i would love to know about the night circus! it's on my list of books to read for fun.

  2. I am guessing yours is the New York one but you may just have managed to throw me off! I haven't read anything (well besides baby books!) in an age sadly.
    Hope your week is a warmer one and hope to catch you soon dear xx

  3. Okay, to answer both of you-

    Kim, it's me reading The Night Circus. Brandi sent it to me and it's both bizarre and lovely at the same time. I'm about half-way through, and can't wait to see where it goes...

    Cassie, we tricked you! That was the plan! Mwahahahaha. Em's sending me the book now that she's finished it though, so I can read it before my trip in March!

  4. I spy some Bossypants! I don't know if this is your stash, but I loved that book.

  5. You're still reading the Night Circus! You need to get through that! I'm so in love with the book. Even if it's a little disjointed. It's heavenly though.

  6. It seems I only ever have time to read late at night these days, Brandi. If I read too fast, I miss stuff and get confuses {especially with all the dates skipping around}. I'm taking my time, but I assure you... I agree! It's completely heavenly. Thank you again! xo


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