Wednesday, January 04, 2012

E & me {new year, new calendar}

Bienvenue à the first E & me of 2012!

It's a New Year, and you know what that means, right? A new calendar! 

One of the calendars below is on the wall chez Em in France, and the other one's here in Canada. Can you guess whose is whose?

This year, I happen to have several, and one of them is pictured above. So far for 2012 I have a "Mummy" one for the fridge {to write down every little thing I need to remember regarding the kids' schedules}, a more professional one for my office {with spaces to write down work stuff, and preschool-presidential-type items}, a dayplanner that comes with me everywhere I go {for appointments, coffee dates and favourite quotes or interesting ideas that pop into my head}, and finally a "Perpetual Paris" one that Em gave me, just because it looks so pretty on my wall {and because it's French, of course!} 

With all of those to keep me organized, I'll never miss a date/meeting/appointment ever again!

Do you have a new calendar {or two, or three...} yet?


  1. i have a calender i got free from ideal home magazine above my desk, but we dont have one for the kitchen yet! Hubs just ordered one from the Vulcan website as he is a huge supporter and they were 25% off :)

  2. I want the one on the left, so you must reveal which is which and where that lovely one came from!

  3. Okay, Allison! The one on the left is mine. It's the Perennial Paris photo collage from Little Brown Pen {check out the blog at} Em ordered it for me last year {Merci, ma chèrie!} and I love it. You can find the etsy shop here:

    Let me know if you order your own!

  4. I used to love calendar. One of my favourite things to do was write everyone's birthdays and other special events at the start of the year. I have one calendar and my Filofax, which I'm going to write in more often. x


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