Wednesday, December 14, 2011

E & me {Christmas window displays}

It's hard to believe, but it's less than two weeks now until Christmas! 

So, this week on E & me, we're going Christmas shopping. 

Check out the fancy window displays we came across as we wandered through the shops...

 Très festive, non? 

Care to guess which window is here in Victoria and which is in Annecy with Em? {Get it right and maybe you'll find some chocolates in your stocking. Or a guitar!}

How's your shopping coming along? Have you finished yet? I still have a few things left to buy, and then I can start wrapping... 


  1. I'm guessing that the window display to the left with the Nutcracker belongs to Victoria :D

  2. You're right, Kary! For that you will win... a Christmas card! Watch the post... :)


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