Saturday, December 03, 2011

Advent Window- December 3rd

I just love a snowman, don't you? Leave it to Martha Stewart to figure out a way to give hers rosy cheeks {spritz him with a spray bottle of one cup water water and five drops red food colouring!} Isn't he adorable?

If it snows this year, I am absolutely doing this.


  1. Excellent! Ian and the littles usually spritz our snowmen with every colour of the rainbow, but this year I will be sure to tell them to leave the cheeks for me!

  2. Can I share my opinion?
    Martha Stewart = annoying.
    But this rosy-cheeked snowman = adorable.

  3. I would love to just see snow :) How cute is this little snowman. I love your advent calendar countdown.

  4. That is so cute, what a good idea! So funny that you cant imagine a warm christmas, I cant imagine a cold, white christmas - I hope I get to experience it one day.

  5. haha - i saw that too. martha does know EVERYTHING :)
    cute blog!
    mikie and kristen

  6. hehe that is amazing, I'm totally doing it too, what a simple, clever idea!

    Love your new header btw :)


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