Sunday, December 11, 2011

Advent Window- December 11th

I let Alan choose the picture for today's advent window. Seems he and I share a love of snowmen. And so do our boys! You should see their beds, piled high with stuffed snowmen of every description. Oh, how they are longing for the real thing, though. Sawyer keeps asking me, "When is the snow going to come, Mum? Soon?"


  1. I love snowmen too! My mom used to have a separate tree just for snowmen decorations so it's my way of remembering her a little more strongly at Christmas. Noah gets everything with a penguin on it and I get snowmen. :) Cute picture!

    We're getting really close now. Fourteen days out! Fingers crossed for a white Christmas!

  2. What an adorable snowman Alan picked out! :) I hope Sawyer gets his wish of snow soon! I'd be fine if the snow skipped us altogether here in Texas and went straight to Sawyer :) I'll make a special request with Santa just for your little boy! :) haha


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