Monday, November 14, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

I love a long weekend, don't you? When Thursday night feels like Friday, and Saturday afternoon rolls around and you realize, "Hey! It's Saturday! It might feel like a Sunday, but it isn't!" That extra day makes all the difference. We had a lovely day on Friday, making wishes {it was 11/11/11 after all...}, attending birthday parties and hanging out at my mom & dad's. Mom, Amanda and I ordered Greek food for dinner and sat around for hours, discussing our upcoming Christmastime trip to Parksville, and {of course!} our March break holiday in New York! All of that before the weekend had even truly begun. Here are some scenes from Saturday and Sunday...

I made us waffles for breakfast on Saturday morning. Love our waffle iron.

 Raking leaves in the rain

A well-stocked woodshed

 Saturday evening shopping trip to the card store {more signs of Christmas here, as you can see!}

 Bedtime stories {check out Dylan's snowmen on the wall}

 Sitting in front of the fire on Saturday night

 Sunday fun in the leaf pile

 Some of those leaves are enormous!

 A brisk walk in the fresh air led us here for hot chocolates. Of course it did!

Sunday evening reading material {and a favourite card from my sweet Em}

It was a nice weekend. Relaxing. Productive {laundry done, letters written, a few Christmas gifts bought}. Emotional. Sometimes you've just gotta cry, right? {stomping and shouting are good, too} And then pick yourself up and carry on again. That's what I mean to do this week. I'll be keeping busy with preschool meetings and fundraisers {our big Christmas auction is this Thursday night... yikes!}, family birthdays and the usual madness of kindergarten. Going shopping for Christmas ornaments and cozy mittens, and putting together a fabulous parcel or two.  I intend to get to the gym at least three times, starting first thing this morning, and to make a whole bunch of healthy meals to take us through to Friday. When I'm organized, I'm less stressed. And less stressed is good.

How about you? Did you have a nice weekend? And have you any big plans for the week ahead? It's the middle of November! Can you believe it?

Happy Monday.
love E xo


  1. The leaves are everywhere aren't they?! I'm so jealous that you're going to New York. It is fabulous!!

  2. that waffle looks delicious! i'm so craving a waffle or pancakes tonight! alas, i have neither, so perhaps some cereal. : ) looks like your weekend was fab - i'll have a long weekend upcoming for my birthday! i love being able to take an extra day for myself. so nice!

  3. sounds like a wonderful weekend .. waffles, chilly brisk walks, Starbucks, fire places! and it also seems you are on top of things with the organization! well done lady!

  4. we used to collect random jars {applesauce, jams, etc.} that i could smash into the recycling bin when i needed to let out some emotions. it always feels so amazing to be a little destructive when i'm having a rage blackout. just a little tip. ;)

  5. Your boys looks SO much like you. I mean, duh, but in these pictures it's really evident. Glad you had a good weekend. I am counting down the days until my five-day Thanksgiving break next week. Very much needed indeed.


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