Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Just a minute in October

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We're a few days into October, and so far it's been good. These days, I'm...

Going for walks, and jumping in leaves!
Eating soup of all sorts
Drinking pumpkin spice lattes {'tis the season}
Reading The Postmistress
Determined to get to the gym 4 times a week
Being as patient as I can be {it's a challenge for me}
Planning for Christmas! {there are parcels to be sent very soon}
Wondering if we could afford to hire a housekeeper?
Trying to eat healthy and lose a few pounds
Looking cute in my new sweaters. They're stripe-y. Stripes make me feel French.
Watching Parenthood {oh, how I love those Bravermans!}
Making paper pumpkins
Feeling a little bit overwhelmed, a little bit in control {it's a fine line}
Looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house. Bring on the pumpkin pie!

How's your October shaping up? Does it look anything like mine?


  1. sounds lovely! you canadians and your october thanksgiving. ;) it's rainy and cooler here today and it's absolutely perfect - just how i like my octobers. i only hope it lasts.

  2. Leaves are changing their colours already? I'm anxiously awaiting for autumn in NY.

    Gym 4x/week? Way to go, girl?

  3. Yes. A little bit overwhelmed and a little bit in control is exactly where I'm at. Ebbs and flows every day. I'm hoping for continuous flow in the "in control" direction soon ;)

  4. Yes! I love stripey sweaters/cardigans. Especially navy and white. Adore!

    x Jasmine

  5. I say hire the housekeeper. Even if it's only every other week, you'll love the time you gain. And hooray for fall! Here's to eating lots of yummy pumpkins and squash and days wandering paths covered by colorful leaves.

  6. I am all kinds of in love with the photo you posted! Look at that dreamy bokeh background :)

    I agree on all counts, which is why Fall is my favorite season. I love that it smells like leaves when I walk out the door...


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