Wednesday, October 19, 2011

E & me {stop signs}

This week on E & me, our photos are practically identical with their bright red stop signs and pretty autumn leaves.

Something's not quite the same though. Can you spot the difference? {and no, I'm not talking about the big yellow school bus in the photo on the left!}

That's right.
One sign is in French and English, and one is just in English.

Would you believe Em's stop sign, the one in France, is the one without a word of French on it? How bizarre is that?

Most of our Canadian ones {in this part of the country anyway} are in English. But the one I happened to snap a photo of this week is outside Dylan's French Immersion school... hence its awesome bilingualism.

And on that note,
bon mercredi and happy Wednesday!


  1. thas so funny that yours has the french word on it - it looks great with the yellow bus too :)

  2. Pffft. I'm so unimpressed by France's English stop signs. Perhaps one day I need to become the French president & do important things like put the official language of the country on the signs that are on every corner!

  3. Stop sign is on english even in Croatia :)


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