Wednesday, October 26, 2011

E & me {Halloween decorations}

Well, the end of October is fast-approaching, and that means Halloween is practically here. We're big into the holidays at our house {have you noticed?}, so the decorating started at least a week ago. Around the same time, Em and I were on Skype, opening the Halloween parcel we'd sent her. France is fabulous, but they don't really do Halloween, so we figured some festive bits & bobs were a must.

The boys helped me pick out the spiders and bats. Don't they look fab on {and around} Em's fancy red clock?

That witch on our fireplace {still sans mantle} was a craft Dylan made in kindergarten last year. Just wait till you see all the other spooky things we've been making lately. Would you believe me if I said a haunted gingerbread house? Not. Even. Kidding. Stay tuned for photos soon...

Are you getting into the Halloween holiday spirit in your part of the world?


  1. love the decorations!! : ) we're not really keen on halloween anymore, but leyton likes to dress up & he's usually something cute (this year, a cop!). and i still have dressed up stuffed animals my dad gave me, i like to pull those out. : )

    happy halloween to you!

  2. Gosh! Love the pumpkins and the spiders look fantastic on the clock and I LOVE the bat beside it! Over here are just decorating for harvest and not halloween, but that's okay because there are still pumpkins and halloween candy! :D

  3. A little sad my favorite month is almost over - we haven't even put pumpkins out front yet (the horror!). A haunted gingerbread house sounds purely awesome : )

  4. I'm kinda in between loving and hating Halloween. We have so much beautiful snow falling right now, it's hard to even think about autumn anymore.

  5. haha, i love the spiders, but i love that bat candle holder even more - so fun! and i can't wait to see that haunted gingerbread house. sounds spooky! :)


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